BAT Instructor’s Course Scholarships

Two partial scholarships available for full participants of the BAT Instructor's course in Pennsylvania (April) and Alaska (August). The scholarships are for $400 to apply to tuition and are need- and aptitude-based. Deadlines are March 10 for Pennsylvania and June 25 for Alaska (deadlines at midnight Pacific Standard time). Results will be announced on March 15th for Pennsylvania and July 1 for Alaska.

Do not wait for scholarship results to register for the course. If the course is full by the time of the scholarship deadline (which is likely), we will choose among applicants who have already applied for the course (we will refund the $400 as the scholarship if you've already paid in full).

You'll find info on the two BAT courses in the US this year at

For the need-based part, your annual income would need to be less than $40K (as demonstrated in your W-2 or other tax form from 2012). For the aptitude part, we will pick the trainers that would best be able to teach to people to do BAT (by their skill as a trainer, as a writer, etc.).

If you are selected, you'll need to fax your W-2 or other proof of income, but hold off on that.

1. How do YOU teach a client to walk their dog on a loose leash? (Not just the dog skills, but the client. Explain how you get them through that process, from start to finish.

2. In 400 words or less (total), explain what BAT is and why you think that following people should know how to do BAT.
a. Person with a puppy
b. Dog trainer/behaviorist
c. Person with a dog who barks at people in an aggressive way

3. Explain which quadrant(s) of learning BAT uses (400 words or less)

Please also include your dog training resume in the body of the message.