BAT 1.0 Book (2010): Behavior Adjustment Training


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Book Description
BAT-book-coverNote: This book is the first BAT book, which is about BAT 1.0. This purchase is only for the 1st edition, NOT the new BAT 2.0 book.

Get the new BAT 2.0 book:

The first BAT book is for dog trainers' historical reference. The details of BAT are no longer current. I do not recommend getting this book before BAT 2.0. The content has been replaced.

To learn about BAT 2.0, please check out the BAT 2.0 BookFeature Films on BAT, online courses, or attend a seminar.


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Behavior Adjustment Training is a low-stress way to help dogs gain confidence and social skills. The BAT book is written so that non-trainers with reactive dogs can easily read through it to help their dogs, but it also has a technical side, making it very useful for professionals. The book has "Notes for Pros" throughout and special technical chapters for trainers and behaviorists.


  • BAT Preview
  • BATboy: Peanut's Story
  • Quick Fixes: Safety and Management Essentials
  • A Functional Approach: Functional Rewards and Replacement Behaviors
  • Functional Rewards and Replacement Behaviors for Reactive Dogs
  • BAT Set-Ups for Reactivity
  • BAT for Everyday Walks
  • BAT for Frustrated Greeters
  • Love Thy Neighbor: Fence Fighting
  • BAT for Puppy Socialization
  • For Professional Trainers and Behaviorists: Using BAT with Clients
  • Appendix 1: Clicker Training Foundations
  • Appendix 2: For Trainers and Behaviorists: Other Techniques That Use Functional Rewards
  • Appendix 3: For Trainers and Behaviorists: Geek Speak on Quadrants and Other Questions
  • Appendix 4: In Their Own Words: Trainers and Clients Experiences with BAT

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Even if you have already seen the DVDs, you'll find this book helpful. The BAT book is a thorough resource on dog reactivity for regular pet lovers as well as professional dog trainers and behaviorists. It makes a great resource for students in Growly Dog classes, too.