General FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I register for Professional even if I'm not yet a professional dog trainer?

Yes. The professional membership has benefits that we know pet professionals like trainers, vets, dog walkers, and groomers want. But if you want Pro Member benefits, especially if you are an aspiring pro, you are welcome to join at that level even if you don't work with pets for a living. Just please don't apply for a listing in the directory unless you actually work with the public as a professional.

2. What happens when I sign up for a membership?

a. You should get one or two emails for your purchase:

  • Thanks from the Animal Building Blocks Academy with your receipt from us, showing any recurring charges
  • If you choose to use Paypal Express, you will also get a receipt from Paypal.

b. Your bank or credit card statement will read: BUILDINGBLK or ANIMALBUILDINGBLKS.

c. If you have signed up for a Student or Pro membership, the monthly fee will automatically be paid with the same method that you used for your purchase. You will not receive additional emails each time that it is charged.

3. What if I need to change my membership status or payment information? 

You can make changes on the My Account page. That is also where you go to cancel your recurring payment. Please see our Terms of Service page for full information about cancellation.

4. I completed a purchase. How do I see my stuff!?

Be sure to log in whenever you visit the site - especially before any purchases. If you're new to the site, the purchase creates a login for you. Be sure to sign in after your purchase using the username and password that you created.

You will see the Building Blocks videos in your Member Library. All other educational products will show up on the same page you used to purchase them. For easy access, we have linked to the items you have purchased in your My Account page.

Note: if you sign up for a Free Sample, only the videos in the Free Sample library are viewable.

5. How do I get my questions answered? Will all of my questions be answered?

The lessons in our Member Video Library will answer a lot of your questions, so be sure to watch them. We also have live Q & A sessions to answer more specific questions. We do our best to get to all questions during the live sessions, but the Building Blocks Academy has a lot of students, so we appreciate your understanding.

Members have access to all of the Q & A session recordings. Enter a simple version of your question in the main search box to see if there is a Q & A session recording where your question has been answered.

You can also ask questions in ABBA Facebook group our community discussion area. Your fellow students, including professional trainers, are part of the discussion. Grisha can't reply to all questions but participates in the conversations.

6. How do I suggest a topic for a new Building Blocks video?

We thrive on student participation and we will be adding lots of videos over time! Please post suggestions in the ABBA Facebook Group.

7. Where did the Clubhouse go?

We have moved the Clubhouse to Facebook: ABBA Facebook Group to make it easier to use and take advantage of all the great features Facebook has to offer.

8. How do I watch a Feature Film?  Can I download it to my computer?

Feature Films are 'streaming' videos, which means that they play from your computer or mobile device while you are online. They are not a downloadable files.

Videos play from the description page for that individual film title after you purchase the video. When you are logged in, a video player appears and you click on play.

If you are using a mobile device, rotate your device to landscape mode so that the video is larger.

9. Do you have a discount for my rescue pet?

If the shelter or rescue where you adopted your pet has a Pro Membership at the BBA, they have coupon codes for a free month of Student Membership for their adopters.

If a non-profit rescue or shelter is not yet a Pro Member, they can apply for a free Pro Membership using this link. Share that page with them. They then need to apply for a coupon code under the My Account Tab.

10. Do you have any scholarships?

Our pro bono work is focused on shelters and rescues and we provide a free scholarship to rescue organizations. Please see the question above. If you are working with a trainer who is a Pro Member, the trainer also has coupon codes as in the question above.

11. I have already purchased the online course, feature film, webinar, or eBook somewhere else. Do I have to buy it again?

If you purchased a digital product from or, you request access here in the BBA for free.  If you ordered it elsewhere, we are not able to verify the purchase so are not able to include it in your account here for free.

If you attended one of Grisha's online courses, you can request access in ABBA for free. Please note that the structure is different.

Visit Access Request Info for more information on getting access to your product.

12. How do I get listed in the Find a Pet Professional directory?

Pro Members can apply for a free listing in our directory. This includes trainers, veterinarians, and other pet professionals.

  • Update your profile. Go to My Account -> Edit My Profile. Be sure to save the changes.
  • When that is complete, you still need to activate the listing.
  • To activate your listing, Go to My Account -> Activate Pro Features and select Apply for free Directory Listing. There is a short form on that page to request the listing. You will need to provide the philosophy statement for your business and agree to a force-free approach.
  • We usually respond to these requests within a few days.

13. You have automatic withdrawals every month. Is my payment data stored securely?

Your data is secure. Information for recurring payments is stored securely by Paypal. For your security, we do not store financial information on our servers. You do not need a Paypal account.

14. I can't log in. It just redirects me to the membership comparison page (with the badges).

Make sure that your browser accepts cookies. Under preferences, you can set as an exception to "allow" cookies.

15. I have questions about how to do something on the site.

If you are a member, please visit the Technical Site Questions group in the Clubhouse and look in there for your answer. If no post your own question.

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