How to Human: Joy & Thriving Skills for People

buy-nowThis self-paced online course is packed full of skills to help you find more joy and balance. It’s meant to take 6-12 weeks.

Are you in love with your life?

Or do you have border collies running around in your head, instead?

Do you:

  • Waste time doing things that feel useless or uncomfortable?
  • Wish your clients or family would listen to you or respect your time?
  • Feel stressed or burned out?
  • Feel pressured to be "happy" or get upset when others aren't "positive"?
  • Need more energy or time in the day?
  • Have habits you want to quit or build?
  • Wonder whether there's more to life than simply surviving?
  • Want authentic connections?
  • Need a tribe you can count on?

The "How to Human" online course helps dog trainers, shelter staff, and all other animal lovers live more wholehearted lives.

Why animal lovers? Because I am an animal behavior geek and animal lovers are my people! The activities, analogies, and information I present in this course fit nicely with what you already know, making them easy to apply.

Start Date: July 10, 2019 (but also ongoing, self-paced)

12-week course with an optional live component. We have a special Facebook group just for “How to Human,” with live instruction and Q&A sessions on Wednesdays 10-10:30 am Pacific time [PST]. For registrations after July 10, this course will be available as a self-paced class with the Facebook community, but without the live component.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live video sessions or sign up "late." Videos will be recorded in the Facebook group and available later. While the videos are meant to add value, they are not the main part of the course. You can start any time and do this course at your own pace!

This course explores the wellness resources I've found to be most personally helpful. I'll explore each of these with you and share resources so you can dig deeper into the areas you need.

  • Practical, straightforward ways to balance your life
  • Simple activities to do alone or with animals
  • Ways to discover your needs and get them met
  • Communication techniques, including Nonviolent Communication
  • Mindfulness
  • Wholehearted living skills
  • Neuroscience
  • Boundary setting
  • Habits
  • Essentialism - targeting where to put your energy for maximum effect
  • Grief and change
  • Compassion - helping others without losing yourself


  • Weekly lessons in the form of written text with supporting videos and references for further study.
  • A compassionate online community.
  • Bonus resources for continued learning.
  • Course materials stay in your account for later use.

My full fancy name is Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP.

I have those letters and such after my name because I've studied as a mathematician and a dog trainer. I prefer to just be called Grisha. Those accomplishments are not who I am, they just reflect some of the schooling I've had. I've also taken graduate work in psychology, but stopped before getting the second master's degree because the BAT book took off and I chose to travel and teach.

My passion is wellness for both dogs and people.

For real. I love connecting with people. I didn't always enjoy deep connection, not until I learned to have better boundaries. More on that in the course!

I love my life. I think my biggest accomplishment so far is to adapt to constant change with a grounded, joyous, compassionate, grateful outlook. It hasn't come easy, and of course I'm still on my growth path, but I truly enjoy my life, tears and all, and that's pretty amazing to me.

There are so many useful practices and ideas that have brought me joy and equanimity. I want to help share what I've learned with you. I'm an avid reader and lifelong learner, so my "How to Human" course is chock-full of resources to dive more deeply into the waters of conscious living.

Here are the list of topics. Subject to change!

  • Section 1: Changing Habits Efficiently
  • Section 2: Feelings, Needs, Strategies, and Boundaries
  • Section 3: The Border Collie in Your Head
  • Section 4: Being Present
  • Section 5: Stillness and Unconditional Love
  • Section 6: Impermanence, Groundlessness, and Letting Be

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