Barking Mad: BAT and Other Techniques for Frustration


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"I WANT TO DO THAT. NOW!" If dogs could speak in a human language, some of them would be screaming these words in frustration.

We can help our dogs learn to slow down and take information in, rather than rushing into greetings or demanding something from you. Rushed greetings can lead to fighting with other dogs and even just pulling toward other dogs or people can be hard for the handler to manage.

The ideal dog for this course should exhibit frustration toward people, dogs, or some other specific thing. You can also be working on prevention of frustration with a younger dog. This course is NOT for resource guarding -- just an overly large interest to go get to something or do something.
From Amalie H., a student in Barking Mad:

I was actually out this afternoon with my other dog, (fearful human-shy dog Robin), and when we saw that there were other people nearby, I sort of went into BAT-mode. 🙂 The indications that she was giving that she'd noticed them were very subtle, and I totally let her make the decisions for where we were going, and she pretty much always made a good choice-- she turned away, arced around them.

It was such a lightbulb moment to see how much these dogs will make the right decisions given the opportunity and the safe structure to do so without us being pushy and making them go where we say. I'm excited to keep using all the things I've learned with all of my dogs. It's really been a fantastic course for us.


This course was written by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, KPACTP. Barking Mad covers a variety of techniques for impulse control, relaxation, and appropriate greetings, including clicker training, applied behavior analysis, and Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). It will look at the root of why we are getting the barking, pulling, or other frustration behavior and go over practical solutions.

NOTE: BAT 101 or a thorough understanding of BAT 2.0 from elsewhere is required as a prerequisite for this course.

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