How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Licking?! (and more) April 3

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Questions in this video:

  • How do I get my puppy used to wearing a leash?
  • Near the end of our walk there was one of life's surprises - a young man coming up the road kneeling on a skateboard holding onto his giant (lab/mastiff cross maybe dog) by the collar - dog running sideways trying to get to us, and barking. It was a scary sight if I was looking at it from Cai's perspective. She was not too sure to make of it. I tossed a bunch of high value treats on her snuffle cue on the grass in opposite direction, so she would be distracted (and give this dog a calming signal). It was fairly smooth. Any other suggestions in that kind of situation?
  • My dog is barking at people who walk up to us. What do I do?
  • There is a cat on a retractable in my neighborhood (not really a question but it got Grisha talking about retractable leashes).
  • what do you suggest for a dog who sniffs everything to the point of obsession. it is very hard to get her attention when she is sniffing obsessively. we did nosework to try and diffuse this but I am not certain it did anything. the issue is worse this spring than before.
  • Inara has a licker problem with people other than me. It's like she gets frantic in her need to greet people and lick their mouths, but then she'll also just do drive-by lickings of people as she walks by or when they're petting her. Not so good for therapy dog work! Some of her licking is very fast and energetic, and that's normally around people's mouths. But then she once that's over she seems to just enjoy licking people with long tongue strokes, any available skin she can get. It's quite annoying for the people being licked, understandably so. I've tried cheerfully sending her to her crate when she does, or redirecting her back to me with treats, but the licking seems very self-satisfying for her. Any ideas?
  • What about the spray that premier pets used to sell? [Does it work?] I don't know if they still do. I have it and have only used it to get rid of bees that were following us. (I am allergic to bees).
  • How heavy is the Symmetry Line? With all the fabulous rings does that make it heavy?
  • How do I keep my puppy from biting me when I put his harness on?
  • My cat is not using the litterbox now that we have 3 cats. What do I do?
  • What is your favorite aspect of ABBA? What are you most excited about?
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