How Do I Train Two Dogs at Once? April 10

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Questions in this video:

  • I am curious to know if you are aware of any support groups for the emotional struggles of owners of dogs with issues. I was drawn to the concept in the upcoming conference in Chicago.
  • When is it appropriate to use an activity to help the dog during a BAT setup? If it's the first setup is this a good idea? Would I use this to occupy them for part of the time, and then let them gather information during other parts?
  • How do you obtain focus for the activity if the dog becomes obsessed in the trigger situation or anticipating the trigger?
    or would it be better to have the activity to lessen the obsession?
  • How do I file my dog’s nails?
  • Why did you decide to use a file rather than a dremel? does the file work on a big dog with really thick nails?
  • How do I apply that to a rabbit?
  • I see you trained your dog and your cat there. How do I train two animals at once?
  • Bonus video tip: training for relaxation using the Premack Principle.
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