How Do I Introduce My Giant Puppy to a Smaller Puppy? (and more) April 17

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Questions in this video:

  • My 6.5 month old puppy is starting to be left for a few minutes in other rooms.... Pizza is on the counter and I step out of the room and come back to find my puppy jumping on the counter trying to reach the pizza. How should I react?

  • what are some common stumbling blocks you see for trainers who are looking to take their skills (working with dogs, or working with dog guardians) from the intermediate to the advanced level?

    Is there a specific theory gap that is undermining the application of technique? Or do you see skill sets that are primarily limited by imprecise mechanics?

  • I am stuck on mark and move. the times it is best used and the connotations, it just seems ambiguous.

    you can mark seeing something?

    mark tuning away? that the dog initiates?

    I am also curious about the timing. when should the treat be given or does it not matter.

    I can see it being give at the moving away point but in the earlier stages to coincide with the marking almost as a lure.

  • How do I introduce my puppy (8 month English Mastiff) to another puppy (2 month Yorkie)? The little one is so small and my dog is so excited that I'm worried he will hurt her. This is my boyfriend's mom's dog so it has to work!

  • I have a 9 year old lab that is new to my house (mom's dog and the nursing home can't take her). Last night I left some bread on the counter and she ate it all! She was doing well but now she's constantly sniffing the area. What do I do? She wasn't doing this at my mom's house.

  • We have a 6 month old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy. We started obedience training and leash manners with her this week, but she is still a big leash puller. The trainer says she's very dominant, so it could take more time. We have a baby and she is going to knock my wife down. Help!

  • Berners are trained to cart as well. Maybe Zen thinks I am cart

  • Zen does cart, she does not have some of her poor walking behaviors when carting, the cart is her armor outside. Why do you think that is?

  • I just got a new Shiba Inu puppy. She is growling at me when I touch her or try to put a leash on her to go outside. What can I do to make her stop growling and snapping? [partially answered - more next time!]

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