How Do I Get the Toy Back in Fetch? (and more) April 28

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Questions in this video:

  • I have a 2 year old tomcat who is spraying in my house. He was totally fine and now he's got this problem. I'm afraid we won't be able to keep him. We can't have urine everywhere. It really stinks and I read somewhere that cat urine smell is also bad for my baby. 🙂 Help!
  • if there are not a lot of questions can we address my puzzle question. zen has loved and mastered all the nina ottosson puzzles we own. we purchased the Mix Match Puzzle (apparently the highest level) and she does not have a clue. I have tried to break it down for her but have had no luck
  • My dog loves to play fetch but she never gives it back! She just goes after the ball and runs around, looking like she wants me to chase her. Or if it is a stick she just grabs it and then goes to lay down and chew it. How do I get her to bring stuff back?
  • My Boston Terrier does not like walking on grass. When I take him outside we walk and then at some point he lays down on the grass and refuses to walk. How do I get him moving?
  • I am a trainer. A client of mine comes to class with his four children and their Doberman puppy. He keeps reprimanding the kids and it's making the other students concerned. Help!
  • I am interested in getting a puppy. I need to get it from a breeder because I have 3 small children and a cat and we can't have aggression. What's the best way to choose a puppy?
  • my dog keeps escaping from the house and garden. How do I get her to stop this behaviour?
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