Can You Demonstrate a Slow Stop/Relax the Leash? (and more) May 1

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Questions in this video:

  • can you demonstrate getting a dog to a committed stop. and then releasing the leash. with no stimulation I get an automatic stop. with stimulation I get oppositional pulling. on the street tonight she proved that she can respond to the braking distance in the leash without mime pulling. she will stop and look at me to get the treat if it is high value, so what I need help with is to stop a dog when they won't stop because they are too interested in something else.
  • My dog keeps escaping from the house and garden. How do I get her to stop this behaviour?
  • I am interested in getting a puppy. I need to get it from a breeder because I have 3 small children and a cat and we can't have aggression. What's the best way to choose a puppy?
  • Demand Barking (barking for attention) what is your favorite way to teach the dog to stop barking at their owner
  • Regarding the leash reactive Boxer: When given the chance to get close to dogs, she goes straight for the groin to sniff and then is completely uninterested in them afterwards, but her tendency of bee lining for dogs' groin scares the dogs and owners. Is there anyway to help her learn better manners around other dogs?
  • I like having my dog sleep on the bed but my husband doesn't agree. He says my dog already thinks he is the alpha. Any ideas for convincing him?

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