Q & A – How Do I Stop My Dog from Chasing My Cat? (and more) May 22

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Questions in this video:

  • My 3 year old Dalmatian is exercised off lead in countryside. He was a friendly dog but began growling and lunging at young dogs when he was about 18months. Consequently I put him on lead if I saw a trigger approaching. Over the past year this has become much worse. He gets anxious when I attach his lead and he now lunges and barks at any unknown dog we meet. I don't know how to help him. I probably should have said: he's a nervous dog and before the growling began would always give unfamiliar dogs a wide berth so he wasn't put on lead very often.
  • What to do when our dog chases our cat? Does it for the fun of chasing. Cats usually stop walking when dog approaches.
  • How about "Leave it"? Dog likes to put something icky in his mouth and I want him to Leave it. How do you teach that in ABBA?
  • I've worked hard on cc-ing nail clipping so I really enjoyed More Please. We've made good progress, but what do I do about getting her nails trimmed before she willingly allows me to do so? I end up "undoing" all of our good work!

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