What Do I Do When My Dog Barks at People? (and more) May 20

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Questions in this video:

  • my dog targets readily in non stress, non excitement situations.
    she also sits or looks at me following the word slow on a leash. when excited she does neither fluently. I am using the premack principle to prevent darting to odor and causing physical harm to me. I need a transitional stage in these situations. how can I accelerate practice and success?
  • What to do when do wants to chase rabbits or another prey? I keep my dog in long line, but how to help my dog in his arousal when seeing rabbit or prey? I would like to keep my dog sometimes off-leash, but can not because my recall does not work when dog sees the rabbit.
  • What to do when my dog begins to bark to people who stop to say hi! to us when we are on our walk? I use to treat my dog fast but there comes the barking when I am talking to people.
  • what do you do if you are working on hand target as permission and creating a chain. then all of a sudden you get no response. after backing off to just the target, still nothing. do you assist and almost put your had on her nose? the last one should always end on a positive note I would think
    there is often no warning for the demise. (she is doing it correctly over and over again and then stops doing it.)
  • I am starting your BAT 101 course and it is so great. Could you explain again why you grab under the leash and show us what that looks like? Is it okay to do it another way?
  • My dog keeps digging up my garden. I have a 3 year old German shepherd/husky mix. She has made a mess of my tomato plants. I am afraid if I plant more, she will just dog those up too. Help!
  • For next time:
    • My 3 year old Dalmatian is exercised off lead in countryside. He was a friendly dog but began growling and lunging at young dogs when he was about 18months. Consequently I put him on lead if I saw a trigger approaching. Over the past year this has become much worse. He gets anxious when I attach his lead and he now lunges and barks at any unknown dog we meet. I don't know how to help him.
    • What to do when our dog chases our cat? Does it for the fun of chasing. Cats usually stop walking when dog approaches.

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