Q & A – How Do I Prevent Barking (and more) May 26

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Questions in this video:

  • My 5 month 50 lb. rescued pit puppy won't stop biting my husband and me.... we have tried yelping, slowly turning away and removing ourselves from the situation but he continues to follow and bite us and the bites are getting harder..please help!
  • I am trying to train my large puppy not to pull on his leash...any suggestions?
  • How to introduce a puppy to a older dog? We are having a puppy in 3 weeks so I would like to know the right way to introduce the puppy to our older dog.
  • Carly spoke about other times to practice sound for desensitization. Can you please discuss? Thanks.
  • I am having a sheltie puppy in three weeks. I have heard that shelties like to bark 🙂 How to prevent the barking? How to teach a dog not to bark?
  • Do you use environmental cues? Would it be useful to teach a puppy that when he sees a another dog, you get treats from owner? Always when puppy sees a dog -> click -> treat ? Puppy begins to think : "a dog -> means owner has food -> go to owner".
  • For next time: Do you have any cues/skills that you would recommend to teach "city dogs" where frequent issues like trigger stacking, close encounters, sudden environmental changes, sidewalk restrictions, and the lack of environmental enrichment and exploration opportunities occur?

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