How Do I Stop Puppy Biting? (and more) May 29

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Questions in this video:

  • is there a trick for using a clicker, giving treats and a leash that you are manipulating two handed?
  • How do you housebreak a puppy? My lab puppy is very sneaky. She keeps peeing on the carpets upstairs and behind the furniture.
  • My dog hates having eardrops put in. She runs away from me when I just bring out the bottle! How can I get her to hold still? She doesn't look like she will bite me but I don't want to have to chase her down.
  • My parrot Marley screams when I get home. What can I do to help him stay quiet?
  • My rabbit is chewing on all of the wires in my house. I'm afraid she's going to shock herself. I keep everything unplugged right now but I don't know what else to do. Help!
  • My 5 month 50 lb. rescued pit puppy won't stop biting my husband and me.... we have tried yelping, slowly turning away and removing ourselves from the situation but he continues to follow and bite us and the bites are getting harder..please help!
  • Do you have any cues/skills that you would recommend to teach "city dogs" where frequent issues like trigger stacking, close encounters, sudden environmental changes, sidewalk restrictions, and the lack of environmental enrichment and exploration opportunities occur?

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