How Do I Get My Dogs to Stop Fighting at the Door (and more) June 5

We answer members' pet training and behavior questions in live sessions, which are recorded and provided here for easy access. Please log in or sign up for a Student or Pro membership to see the video on this page.

Questions in this video:

  • My dogs fight with each other sometimes just when I let them outside. What can I do to make them stop? [Grisha did a training demo with Peanut about teaching a release cue by name, as originally mentioned by Patricia McConnell in the resources mentioned below.]
  • Grisha's topic: Overstimulation versus understimulation, what's the right amount of training and what should we focus on? Also has information on shaping.
  • I'd like to work with our local shelter. What are some tips you have for getting a shelter to pay attention to you, as a trainer?
  • You see things that others do with their pets. When do you say something?
  • Next week: "In BAT first position, our shoulders / elbows are relaxed. With a small dog, can we cheat that to avoid my dog getting tangled in the long leash?"

Here are some of the links that Grisha referred to (or should have):

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