Off-leash BAT Set-Up with Peanut (and More) July 16

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The audio in this video gets out of sync partway through. Sorry about that!

Animal training and care questions in this video:

  • When coming out of the car, I let my dog "go sniff". When he sniffs, he barks. When he marks, he barks. When he walks, he barks. I did previously CC for everything in the environment my dog looked for more intensively and it did help. Now my dog is barking again. Should begin again with CC? How to help my dog?
  • I am wondering if I am missing something in ways to get zen's attention when her head is in the ground. I can't get it up to even make eye contact. this is my biggest issue in moving on when she darts to odor.
    I have tried, treats, squeaky toy, verbal command, leash techniques, if she darts as I am saying no she does not respond she gets the jackpot reward, the odor.
  • When training BAT for environmental triggers- bikes, golf carts, lawn mowers etc. that fit into a broad category like moving objects, is it ok to reward calming signals, head turns for whatever comes? As opposed to one bike or single golf cart at a time? I seem to be getting pretty good results but want to make sure. Also, Sophia Yin suggested treating “high” so the dogs look at you…do you ?
  • When we arrive at a place I leave zen in the car. she goes nuts jumping around with excitement even though she is belted in. I don't know how to prevent this other than taking her out first with me or seeing if a food type toy might distract her. she jumps around like a maniac. suggestions?
  • Follow-up to first question: My dog finds the thrown treats when out of the car, but when goes sniffing, he gets excited and barks and if sniffs more, gets more excited. Sniffing does not relax my dog that usually relaxes dogs 🙂
  • Follow-up to the Zen car question: it only happens when we get somewhere and there are other dog in the area etc. she is fine if I just stop. we can't fit a crate in my car for her anymore. she got too big.
  • Bonus: Grisha showed off-leash BAT with Peanut and an adolescent dog.
  • That's also really interesting with the it could be a functional reward? Would be interesting to mark in the car. Can you do that without moving?(Lucy rides in a covered crate.)
  • How have you been working on getting Peanut to accept puppy Bean into the family? How's it going?

Links Grisha referred to in this session (or could have):

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