How Do You Teach Your Dog to Say Hi and Move On? (and More) July 23

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • Peanut and the puppy playing together is too adorable. I am trying to use the Premack principle when brushing my dogs teeth. He loves playing with his food boxes from the puppy class last year. How can I transfer that reward for allowing me to brush even for a second or two?
  • why is peanut outside?
  • how do you get a dog used to people running past them and the dog not alerting towards them as if they would like to run towards them.
  • Should LAT be taught for every dog? For certain worrisome situations where increasing distance can´t be possible?
  • with another dog I carried a mat. would you recommend that. I did the Leslie McDevitt place concept 'place'
  • how does look at that integrate with BAT. I did leslie's program
  • Asking about the Voyce collar Joey spoke of. Would this collar be of use to evaluate stress and anxiety in a dog, or would a simple heart rate monitor be as effective?
  • You mentioned that the NEW Symmetry Line that you sell line has a brass clip and how this effects conductivity. Can you please elaborate on what this means.
  • Did the rescue organization place a chip in Bean before you adopted him?
  • How would you teach your dog to do more of a casual "hi there" then move on greet as opposed to a intense sniff the person for five minutes one
  • How to get success in puppy class? That the puppy gets positive experience and less stress. We are bringing the relaxation mat with us. What else?
  • Grisha talked about how she could have helped Bean relax more at last night's party at her house.

Links Grisha referred to in this session (or could have):

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