Should I Put Keep-away on Cue? (and More) August 11

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • If I cue my dog when he is distracted by something, does this mean I reinforce my dog to go the distraction? Am I in fact cuing the chance for my dog to earn reinforcement when my dog is seeking reinforcement away from me? I am rewarding the behaviour of my dog ignoring me? 🙂
  • Would it be good to put keep-away on cue as a fun game, with a dog who wants to play keep-away/chase-me with a toy? Or not to play it at all? Of course you would also teach to retrieve.
  • Hi! I rescued a street dog from Mexico 6 months ago. he has learned that we are the head of the pack and won't snap towards us, but hasn't learned that with kids. Any suggestions how to get him to realize that kids are in charge and not him? He will snap but not bite. Not good for sure!
  • Bean is adorable and always looks so happy on YouTube and here. Obviously you have done everything right since you adopted him. Can you please talk about your selection process and advice for the novice adopter? How to evaluate an adoptable dog?
  • Bean is adorable and always looks so happy. If you are not using the x-pen for the spiral game, do you have to put it away and out of sight?
    My understanding is that when one is not using a training prop, the item should be out if sight. Would you agree, or is that too rigid a way of thinking?
    Thank you for all of the help and responses!
  • can you address sniffing as a stress behavior. I know it is usually thought to reduce stress. I am still trying to determine why zen is so obsessed. does she do this because she is stressed or is she so overstimulated that it becomes OCD? this relates to my unanswered facebook post last Saturday

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