Does a Variable Schedule Strengthen Behavior? August 27

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • It is a shelter's mission to get dog adopted.
    Would you recommend that shelters or some other profit or non-profit organization counsel people in the realistic costs associated with adopting / owning a dog? Training, food, toys, crate, veterinary visits, exercise etc. Or, is is better to leave it to chance that people can afford these things as they come up?
  • Can you geek out just a little more regarding the difference between resistance to extinction and keeping a behavior strong? This is my first time discussing them as different concepts. I guess I had somehow inferred that the way to make a behavior most likely to happen was to move to a variable reinforcement schedule. That's suddenly been called into question in my mind now.
  • Can you talk about or suggest some idea's on how to motivate a dog to play or eat treats when not motivated by either. Yes I know a lot of it is the dognis stressed or overexcited, but how do you start to teach the dog to play?
  • What is the range of the pace of progress you have seen for dogs who start their first setups at very far (100 yards plus) distances? What is the range of final outcomes you have seen? What types of factors impact the pace of progress and outcome?
  • If you have a dog that is showing some aggressive behavior around other dogs but it tends to happen more when the owner is close to the dog. Would you do BAT to help this dog? And would you handle things any differently? Almost as if the dog acts like she is possessive of the handler.
  • Can I have suggestions on how to extinguish a superstitious behavior? I'd like to have sit and down as a calming behavior but my poodle has so much energy that I get a constantly wiggling butt. [Supersititious behavior is butt wiggling, fidgeting back feet and front feet. He thinks excitement is part of the cue]
  • You have said that you set up a walking group via facebook to help socialize your dogs. How do you set this up without getting handlers that have no clue about dogs body language and training in general. Or how do you set these up without getting a group of dogs that are just not a good mix for each other?

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