(When) Are You Neutering Your Puppy? September 1

We answer members' pet training and behavior questions in live sessions, which are recorded and shown here. Please log in or sign up for a Student or Pro membership to see the video.

Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • You said that he is intact. Do you plan to neuter him? At what age?
  • BAT with Lucy in her wire crate in the car. (She's very reactive to dogs in the street.)
    I'm turning around...giving her treat for quiet. Moving the cover back and forth when I can...could you share some more ideas about how to work with this? Thanks!
  • We have an intact adult mini-poodle in our building. The dogs appears to have fear and reactivity issues. The male owner uses a retractable leash. The dog lunges out at other dogs and at owners who pick-up their dogs whenever the dogs sees dogs or people. What could be a tactful and gracious way to manage this? No one else in the building is taking action, although this is stressful for the mini-poodle and all other building dogs... including mine.
  • When a dog is trigger stacked or a situation has occurred where he/she gets stressed, what are the best tools to help the dog relax again and reclaim balance? Sometimes it happens that the trigger or the situation is no longer there, but the dog still feels stressed.
  • You mentioned in a previous broadcast that temperament is generally "set" by the age of 3. If a person were looking for a good family dog age 3 or older through a shelter, what type of tests or traits would help them make a good decision? (Family = small children.)
  • Reviewing focus "watch me" and Lucy stares at the treat. How do I get her attention away from the treat and back to looking at me? Or does that even matter?
  • (RE Find It in the trigger stacking question) It would seem like the dogs would still know where the food came from due to scent on the food. Were there any theories on why it was more relaxing if they didn't see the food scattered by the handler?
  • I talked about the PetCube and how I used it to stop Peanut from barking at Bean while I was out at dinner.
  • I went over a video of Bean playing with some small dogs, and how the trainers running it do a great job facilitating confident players.

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