Why is My Dog Scooting Her Rear on the Floor? September 3

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • Whoa. Fixed action patterns. Where can I read more about those?
  • I just watched your off-leash-hiking video from a few years ago, it was helpful. Do you have any suggestions for keeping your dog closer while hiking off-leash? Sunrise loves to take off at high speeds to explore - thankfully her recall is pretty good. What can we do to keep her closer?
  • Is whining always sign of a stress?
  • When your dog´s tail is wagging but body is stiff, this is good time to call your dog? Why is the tail wagging? 🙂 Usually when the tail is wagging, it is a good sign.
  • Can you please speak a little about different countries' practices vis-á-vis of spay and neuter, and how we can find out more information? How is it that intact male dogs do not fight?
  • #‎bat‬ . dog reactive dog, goes through all stages of BAT and becomes great friend playmate with 1st stooge dog, who made play invitations. 2nd stooge dog weeks later. progress Through BAT stages, all set ups, over weeks. Get to a certain distance, and reactive dog just looses interest in other dog. Just wants to play with handler, toys etc. Stooge dog very calm, and relaxed, but has no interest
  • What do I do if my dog is rubbing his butt along the floor?
  • I talked about crate training and the All Done cue.

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