What Dog Stress Signs Should I Look for When Walking? October 20

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • Can you talk a little bit about doing following-BAT? I had some opportunities to do this ninja-style today. Since moving toward the trigger is ok when following... Should I watch for arousal differently?
  • When you have done a successful setup with the decoy dog, would it be good now to practise everyday walks with the decoy dog? And how would you practise? Parallel walkings?: walking directly toward each other, following the other.
  • Welcome back! I know that you spoke about snuffle park experience, and I cannot remember in which section it was here. I queried it and looked in the online classes that I am in. Can you please re-post the link?
  • This question is about Peanut and Bean. When people, give more attention to Bean, (as a puppy,) how do you balance this for both dogs to avoid jealousy?
  • For people with dogs with shy tendencies, how do you recommend evaluating a helper dog to practice with, (not to adopt,) who can help the dog with the shy tendencies to practice?
  • The best way to introduce two dogs to each other is off leash? What is another one is a shy one?
  • Special topic:
    • What's the best way to talk to people about their own dogs when they don't know they need help

Links I referred to in this session (or could have):

  • Snuffle Park - here's the Karen Bailey video I mentioned.
  • Dr. Susan Friedman is our next guest at the Animal World Superstars interview session for pro members.

  • View the list of upcoming BAT Chats for pro members of ABBA. The first one is this month! Participating by watching, sharing video, etc. is a great way to improve your BAT skills.
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