How Can I Help My Cat Transition Into Being a Tripod? November 3

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • Wondering your thoughts on amputation of a rear limb for a cat. Looking for your input from emotional/quality of life/behavior/adjustment tips perspective. We aren't sure if we will need to but the vets assure us that "cats adjust just fine." Our kitty doesn't have front claws (a move I regret but didn't know better at the time.) In case that's a factor.
  • If I cue my dog to go to her place when she's feeling uncomfortable around our soon-to-be crawling kiddo, and then reinforce her for going to that place- will that help her learn to retreat when she's uncomfortable? Plan A is to manage kid 100% of the time to keep her away from dog but I like the idea of teaching Sonar a skill that gives her some control as well.
  • Based on the example that Susan gave in her talk about traveling being exciting or draining depending emotions as an antecedent- does it follow that using abrupt interrupters like "NO!" actually lessens the likelihood that your dog will be able to follow the next cue?
  • Munich the Doberman is healing from a severe UTI and a round of strong antibiotics. He's lost his appetite and really only wants to eat when he's working. He will eat pretty readily when the food is a reward for a cue. The vet has cleared him healthwise so do you have any suggestions for returning to eating from a bowl again. We have tried different kibbles and raw to entice him-no luck.
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