How Do I Train a Dog That Hugging is Not Fighting?

In the Office Hours, I answer members' pet training and behavior questions in live sessions, which are recorded and shown here. Please log in or sign up for a Student or Pro membership to see the video.

Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • I believe that in the language of the exposure therapy researchers ... there is a similarity between "extinction " as they use the word and counter-conditioning as we that the "memory path" connected to a stimulus gets relearned, establishing a different path ... (and the original path still exists, but is lessened in "strength")
  • Great video of Bean testing out the boots on the snow. Could a person teach that skill to an adult dog? What brand are the boots? They look really good!
  • Is there any behaviour issues with getting the runt of the litter? Anything to watch out for?
  • The puppy I've tentatively chosen from the litter seems to have less fur on her nose area (I don't think there were any noticeable bald patches). I've been told this will require suncream to prevent sunburn and cancer. Have you had any experience with this? Is it manageable to live with a dog like this?
  • My last dog was very territorial and couldn't handle people hugging me or me mucking around with my little brother whose nine (pillow fights, wrestling). How can I train my new puppy to know that this behaviour is okay?
  • Until what age, on average do you think that dogs can still learn novel ideas?I do not mean tricks, but new skills or new cues?
  • I was playing fetch and tug with a dog this week. She would bring the toy to me and then when I went to pick it up, she'd pounce on it and it would become a tug game. From her body language (slow wag, ears forward, no growl) I didn't think it was resource guarding, but can tug games be mis-interrupted?
  • Any suggestions re coping mechanisms when we're in a position that's inescapable and beyond what I've trained Sunrise to handle? Think icy driveway/running to breakfast on taut leash. I didn't have time to "BAT" breakfast or train a strong enough hand target (heel) before our driveway turned to ice, and now I have a confused pulling dog who doesn't know why her human won't run with her.
  • Multiple dog household resource guarding, when the resource is me. Any tips?
  • Hi! I have a Border Collie Male with 5 years old and recently we moved from city . He has shown great reactivity toward people who visit us . I can´t see what triggers the behavior, as sometimes happens with people in the street too, but others dont. Last week we went to play with frisbee and he saw a gardener and barked very frantically. We started playing with the idea of having another routine.Follow-up: forgot to mention that he don´t like to see people running or my husband going away when we are in the park. I think that I have to teach him to stay calm under different triggers.
  • Special topics:
    • I did a demo of tug with Bean

Links I referred to in this session (or could have):

  • Real Dog Yoga webinar with Jo-Rosie Haffenden is December 15. All members get discounts on registration for this live online seminar.
  • Dog boots:
    • Here are the silicone dog boots I had in the video. I liked how it was easy for him to get his own paw into them. But I think they aren't warm enough.
    • These are the new dog boots I just ordered
    • Musher's Secret is the wax I was talking about. It looks like there are other brands, but I haven't tried them. Pawtector is organic and vegan.
  • I mentioned the BAT Course and the BAT 2.0 series of Feature Films and the new BAT 2.0 book, which you can pre-order.
  • The toys you saw on the video were the Holee Roller (with a GoDog Dragon toy stuffed inside and the one I tugged with was a dinosaur from Kong that I don't see online. No "chewproof" soft toy has proven to be chewproof in my house, though. 🙂
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