What Do I Do If My Dog Pins Another Dog?

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Dog training and care questions in this video:

  • I'm trying to do a BAT setting to work with my dog who's reactive with puppies. My main issue is that my dog will react to a puppy that comes running towards him. Any advice on how I can do the setting to teach him that a puppy running towards him it's ok? I know BAT needs to be boring , how do you manage that when the puppy is not calm and that's what makes Boston reacts.
  • My neighbour has two dogs, one human-freindly, but dog aggressive and one who I've always avoided because it's given aggressive behaviour in the past. As I was patting the human-friendly dog today, the other was watching me, ears pinned back, winning and straining towards us. I didn't know how to read that. Can wining be related to aggression?
  • I've seen your video where you talk about toilet training and how you have two cues for the two functions. I'm a bit confused as to how that works. Does the dog learn which you want and does it? What is the advantage of two cues?
  • We walk our dog on a field and most of the time can stay well away from other dogs. When we haven't left enough space, BamBam lies down facing the oncoming dog. We try everything we can to get him up and moving but nothing works except for pulling him away. Usually, 'find it' and 'lets go' work when he is under threshold but what to do when he is over threshold?
  • In one of your videos you said you tied a kong to the end of Peanut's lead. Did it encourage him to chew on your lead? How would your prevent that?
  • Hi Grisha, may I have some advice on how to force free training my dog to enjoy his shower? We only have a bath tub with a shower jet. So he can't freely come in and out of it. We've tried adding some cheese in a tube (cheese paste?) and treats while washing him. But he still doesn't enjoy it and will go to his bed where he knows we won't bother him when it's bath time... Many thanks!
  • I was recently reading about oral hypo sensitivity in humans (leads to a lot of chewing and biting behavior in kids) and it reminded me of retrievers. Have you ever seen any research on oral hypo sensitivity in dogs as it relates to chewing, mouthing, licking, carrying toys frequently, or coprophagia?
  • You always have creative solutions. My dog has shy tendencies and does not like things over his head. He had a hot spot on the his lower hock, (i.e. very far from his mouth.) I treed to use soft and gentle cones, to prevent him from biting it, but they were not long enough, so had to use the traditional one from the DVM. Any, other ideas for the future?
  • Apologies if this is obvious, but is the Facebook group that you are mentioning the "Grisha Stewart's Animal Building Blocks Academy"? 🙂
  • Have you ever tried BAT where the client dog very small such as a Chihuahua? How would you work that out? What size helper dog would you use? How would you work on food rewards, if the dog became full easily?
  • Part 2-DVM cone shaped collar
    Day one of my dog wearing the transparent plastic cone collar, (only) large dogs have been growling or barking at him. What could they be responding to? Small dogs have not.
  • Maybe you have any suggestions about stressless vaccination? Couldnt do it today as my dog is too afraid due to recent painful nail clipping. I have two weeks until the next shot. My plan is to go to the clinic everyday to desensitize, do you have any tips? the vet cannot even touch her, I'm considering doing the shots myself.. thanks!
  • Hi Grisha, do you have any tips how to train the stay (especially long duration) with a very active / excited dog? Thanks
  • Many people say that this is good, for dogs with shy tendencies, (not in competition.) What are your thoughts and why do you think it works? Could it be part of a BAT set up?
  • If a dog has shy and reactive tendencies and is also 'velcro' dog around his owner, would that make sense to you?Would you see it as something that needs modification, if the dog does not have separation anxiety when his owner is not home.
  • If by misfortune, my dog pins down another dog. What would you recommend me to do? Would you remove my dog and ignore the behaviour

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