How To Train Your Dog the Meaning of “It’s Okay”

In the Office Hours, I answer members' pet training and behavior questions in live sessions, which are recorded and shown here. Please log in or sign up for a Student or Pro membership to see the video.

Dog training and care questions in this video: 

  • I'm interested in what kind if positive training you can do with horses. I take my younger siblings horse riding and we've changed riding school due to the way the horses were treated (and I didnt think the horses there liked to riden). Is it possible to use only positive reenforement with horses? Have you done any work with horses?
  • I've been very protected of what other dogs Astra meets and as of yet, she's never really said hello to any dogs on our walks, mostly because I'm terrified I'll misread the other dog. I've taken her to 22 puppy classes which she's progressed through very well. She has an older adult dog friend who she gets on well with and we're doing on going classes (usually two a week). Is this enough?
  • Follow-up: If surprised or too close, Astra will get a barky and growl at dogs. Her confidence is improving, but she's still timid. My question is if I rarely allow her to say hi to dogs (close contact) on walks would this have a negative effect? You talk about dogs not always needing to have face to face greetings. If her main contact with dogs is at classes, will she get reactive on walks?
  • Can you please speak about the, "It's Okay" cue?
  • Can we do BAT set ups indoors? If so, what might a few examples of that look like? (Are there ways, for example, to help a very exuberant 10 month old female German Shepherd to learn to better handle her longing to be with (and often overcome) our senior smaller miniature poodle? I know of some things we can do together outside for BAT setups, but could use some ideas for inside.)
  • You have described Peanut as having reactive tendencies before your BAT work. How were you able to use him in your KPA classes and have other handlers hold his leash for exercises?
  • The person who is showing me how to use the 15ft leash is having the dog make the decisions, and I just follow her with the leash and let it out as far as she wants.  This is fine when we have open space, but one, I live on a busy main street, and two, I am trying to have her not pull and when I put her back on a 5ft, she is at the end of the leash. Do you have any suggestions on having her not pull when I put her back on the short leash?

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