How Do I Teach a Dog To Stop Humping (Mounting) During Play?

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Dog training and care questions in this video: 

  • What do you do if your dog will not move when he/she sees a trigger fairly close? I was walking my dog in an empty park and suddenly a few kids showed up behind us I tried to move her away but when they got closer she froze and would not move. I put treats to her mouth and she maybe took a step. I just kept feeding treats and kept trying to get her to move. Not sure what to do in that situation.
  • I've read a lot about the importance of early handling, pretty much from the moment puppies are born. All the videos I've watched of 2-3 week old puppies being handled have shown the people just reaching in and picking them up (gently) and handling them. I assume at this age it is too early for the "5-second" rule. So my question is at what point does the "5-second" rule become important?
  • Hi Grisha! Where can I post videos of my BAT setups for feedback? I did a session for my PSA but the wind picked up and audio is terrible, but I'd like to see what you think of the setup. And Bean looks like he has a tissue (not that I'm a tattle tail)
  • This may be too big of a topic for your office hours, but I'm VERY intrigued with the article that Leonard Buzz Cecil posted on your ABBA Facebook site re: the work that Dr. Karin Klaver is doing on the theory of 'reconsolidation' of fear events and how to use that knowledge in BAT training... maybe... someday??? 🙂
  • tongue flicks: always a stress signal, or can they be an appeasement or contentment signal sometimes too?
  • You were speaking about managed puppy playtime last week. What if there are loose puppies and the puppies still on leash start barking? What would be the best way for the owners to mange the puppies who become over-aroused in the indoor play area as you described it? Thanks!
  • I have one puppy in my puppy class who's method of playing is humping. How do I get him to change his method of play and keep it a happy experience for him? I usually redirect him out of the group for a moment and then let him go back in. What would you do?
  • Can you talk about the second dog you are adopting? Thanks!
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