How Do I Train My Dog to Wear Boots? Or a Muzzle?

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Dog training and care questions in this video: 

  • I've heard trainers promote fetch as a form of exercise. I've recently taught Astra to fetch but to provent it from becoming a fun activity away from me, I've play a tug game when she comes back and do othr behaviours. Was interested in your thoughts on fetch?
  • My dog unfortunately got the chance to chase a chicken at the beach a week ago. He caught it by the tail feathers before I could get his attention, neither chicken nor dog were hurt. I feel like he's been more tired than normal since then. Is this normal. Could he have just over stressed his system and it's taking a while to recover?
    • To be fair he had a big weekend before the Tuesday beach outing. Nosework trials sat and Sunday and agility class Sunday evening. More than his normal schedule
  • Why "good choice" instead of "good boy?"
  • Do you have a resource for where to buy and how to fit a muzzle (for a small Bean sized dog)
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