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This is an alphabetical listing of our Pro Member dog trainers, veterinarians, etc. who have applied to be listed in our directory. They are here to continue their education and they have agreed to the following statement:

"I keep my techniques up to date and routinely evaluate them to empower choice and reduce stress for animals during training or care. My business does not advise or use prong collars, check chains, electronic collars, and similar devices."

If you find that the statement above is not true for a professional listed on this page, please let us know. This is not a full endorsement of these professionals, but given the information above, it is a good start!

Use the search box to find a pet professional. Use the search feature of your browser (shortcut is Ctrl+F) to search by a term that is not found using the box, (for example, country, certification type, or services).

  • Claire Goyer
    Business Name Capable Canines Ltd
    Country GB
    Location Haslemere, Surrey and Ventnor, Isle of Wight
    Expertise Training and Behavior, Nutritionist, Retail Pet Products
    Species Served Dogs
    Certifications CBATI, Other Certification(s)
    Services Force-Free Training Philosophy, Clicker Training, Behavior Adjustment Training, Fear Rehab, Brain Games, Other Animal Service
  • design
  • Grisha Stewart (Staff)
    Country US
  • PSIadmin

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