Emotionally Intelligent Dog Training: Love Meets Science

Grisha with labrador and poodle cocker spaniel mix at a river. Grisha is holding a guitar. Both dogs looking at Grisha

Learn to help dogs and humans thrive in community in my online dog Academy:

Professional dog trainers and families with dogs get practical, theoretical, and emotional support in my collaborative online dog school.  We have well over 140 fascinating webinars and courses taught by my favorite international experts on dog behavior.

If you are a dog trainer, want to become a dog trainer, or you just have a dog who needs high-level training and care, you’re in the right place. [Learn More]

Why we are Empowerment Animals, LLC:

In a culture obsessed with dominance and hierarchy, more power may seem like the last thing you want to give your dog. Empowerment is actually an efficient, effective way to work through behavior ‘problems,’ because behavior is all about meeting needs.

When you remove obstacles in the way of learning and give dogs a way to meet their needs, their ‘misbehavior’ disappears. Humans AND dogs can become empowered, safe satisfied animals in collaborative interspecies families. That’s what Love is all about.

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Grisha Stewart Academy Calendar:

You can also subscribe to our Google Calendar for dog training events at the academy here. We also have collection of descriptions for upcoming events, which may include events not yet on the Google calendar.

Find fun & useful dog gear in my online Campus Store:

CampusStore-200This is a little shop with most-recommended dog gear. Super-soft dog leashes, books, DVDs, walking harnesses, gift certificates, and more. We also have a separate store for t-shirts and other swag.

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Listen to our podcast, “The Lesson is Love”:

Is learning to love the whole reason we’re here? This podcast explores universal kinship and the experience of dogs in our care with inspiring, big-hearted creatives (with dogs)! Learn more at GrishaStewart.com/love

Trigger warning: we go fairly deep in our episodes and that often includes mentions of childhood and other traumas (though not in explicit detail).

Collaborative, Empowered Dog Training for Pros and Families – Online!