Grisha’s Circle Songs

Pacific Northwest Songleader and Grief Tender

My songs are medicine for community, with the theme of “Dream big enough for all of us.” Many of them are written specifically for community grief rituals, which I co-lead with Alison Roffman, LCSW. Learn more at Each of these simple songs carries a little bit of magic to uplift your spirit or untangle something that’s gotten stuck. They’re trauma-informed and written with care.

Here are some of my songs! The recordings aren’t great and they don’t have all the harmonies, but it’s a start. You are welcome to sing these in song circles, just give credit to me, Grisha Stewart (and cowriters if there are some, see the songbook). Rights reserved for recordings that are sold.

You can download my Circle Songbook or view it below the songs. I also have an album on Spotify and such with some of my singer-songwriter songs. It’s called My Life is a Metaphor for My life.

To book a song circle, please use our Contact Form and select Songleading/Grieftending.

Ancestors & Future Ones (2024)

Arms Open Wide (2021)

Being Being Guided (with harmony) (2023)

Circle of Trees (2023)

Day By Day, Drop By Drop (2022)

Love is a River (2020)

Light Illuminates Our Way (with Tom Clark, 2021)

I Give Myself Permission (2023)

It’s OK to Teach Me (with Tom Clark, 2021)

May I Be Free From Enmity (2022)

On to Something Big (2023) – as a round

Say Hello (2023) – zipper song

Thanks Mom (Mother’s Day Song, 2024)

Turn to Love (2021)

Water Flows Through Stone (2024)

We Gather Together (Grisha Stewart, 2024)

Welcome Song (2023)

We Share This Planet (2023)

Wind In the Leaves (with Tom Clark, 2022)

You Belong (2022)

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