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Grisha's Certification of BAT instructors provides dog owners with a trusted source of referrals to behaviorists and trainers using BAT to rehabilitate dog aggression and other issues. In 2017, Grisha sanctioned BAT Certification through The Official BAT School where certification courses are held world-wide and online applications are administered.  Certified BAT Instructors (CBATI) instruct and implement meaningful behavior change through BAT.

You can find a certified trainer or behaviorist near you in the CBATI directory.

If you want to become a CBATI, you may attend a certification course, or self-study and apply online. CBATI skills are tested both practically and with a theoretical exam.

Some Benefits of BAT Instructor Certification*:

  • International recognition as a BAT expert
  • Referrals from Grisha and other CBATIs
  • Marketing help (business link on our CBATI directory, help in discussion group, press release on CBATI status)
  • Mentoring: extra support for your work with clients (Facebook group just for CBATIs)
  • Use of the CBATI logo on your website and marketing materials.
  • (More) letters after your name! For example, Jane Smith, MA, CBATI
  • See note below on teaching seminars to trainers* (not included with CBATI)

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Requirements: The initial Full CBATI Certification process requires a Practical Skills Assessment, a theoretical exam with essay questions, pledge to follow the LIMA guidelines as published by CCPDT, APDT, IAABC, and a minimum of 200 hours of experience training dogs using force-free training techniques.

Proof of Experience: Current Certification as CCDPT-KA/KSA, CBCC, CDBC or KPA.  Or you may submit proof of 200 hours training dogs one-on-one, as part of one-to-one training with dogs and their owners, or within a class setting. Hours do not include work with your own dog or your foster dogs, but can be with board and train dogs without the client.

For example, you may submit log forms with 150 hours of behavior cases and 50 hours of regular training. Or 130 hours of behavior and 70 hours of regular training, or 100 of each. Fewer than 100 hours of behavior cases would be insufficient, even with enough hours of regular training to add up to 200.

These hours must be submitted prior to taking the CBATI exam.

Practical Skills Assessment: The Practical Skills Evaluation demonstrates your teachings skills and hands-on use of BAT in your work with a Client. The skills are evaluated in person at a Certification Course, or via video submission if applying on-line. Click here for directions on submitting PSA Video for certification  (PDF).

Optional: Client testimonial mentioning your use of BAT (any client) with permission to share publicly.

Ready to Apply? You can register for one of our upcoming courses at officialbatschool.com, or self-study and then apply on-line, here. 


* ‘main trainer’ or ‘lead trainer’ is defined as: a person who is responsible for all aspects of a training session with someone else’s dog, including safety measures for dog and humans, training direction to clients, adopters, and/or assistants, and training direction with student dog(s). Lead trainer must act in accordance with the LIMA Guidelines and be able to provide proof of lead training hours if requested.

** Please Note: the presentation of official BAT seminars and seminars about BAT to professionals is not a CBATI benefit. This is reserved for staff and certain designated trainers. You are, of course, welcome to give hands-on workshops and classes to pet owners for their own dogs. They should just not be labeled or marketed as a BAT seminar, but rather as being about fear, aggression, etc. The description can mention that you are including the technique of BAT.

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