You can break dog training and care down into several overlapping categories:

  • Training a dog to STOP doing a behavior
  • Training a dog to DO a specific behavior
  • Teaching a dog to let you do something to him
  • Providing a safe, interesting environment
  • Empowering a dog to meet his needs via his own behavior

My Mission is to teach families with dogs and other pets to address behavior issues and improve everyone’s quality of life. This goes beyond simple dog training to a lifestyle that allows us to care for our animals in a humane way.

I designed this site with several different ways to teach people about dog training. I cover general problem solving, clicker training, grooming/vet instruction, and the specific technique of Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT).

I developed BAT for aggression, frustration, and fear in 2010. In 2014 I updated my seminars to BAT 2.0 and will be releasing a BAT 2.0 book in late 2015 or early 2016. Use the links in the Training tab to learn more about BAT 2.0.

To really get in-depth information, also check out the full collection of BAT courses and webinars. I recommend starting with the BAT Empowerment video series, which is available in streaming format and as a DVD set.


Collaborative, Empowered Dog Training for Pros and Families – Online!