How Do I Keep My Cat from Climbing the Furniture? April 14

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Questions in this video:

  • Can you explain a little about the role of a dog's perception of "territory" in Empowered Desensitization?For instances:
    I noticed that you usually have the decoy dog in place before the learner dog "enters" the setup.Can I/should I expect my dog to react differently on seeing another dog near her property (or near her car) vs seeing another dog at a similar distance during a walk?
  • On using empowered desensitization in every day life: is there a scenario where allowing a dog to stare out a window at normal neighborhood activities is appropriate? Would I use the beach analogy to make decisions here?
  • We have a bed that needs to be sold and it's leaning against the wall. Our cat won't stop climbing it! What do I do?
  • My puppy keeps running to the fence and jumping up at people. They he runs after them as they walk along and he barks. Is he being aggressive? What is the best way to fix this problem, or will he grow out of it?
  • My dog is shy and ‘find it’ has been great for him when walking outside. Now that it is spring, there is food everywhere on the ground and in the park.What to do when 'Leave it' is not stopping the eating of food, and 'Look' and 'Find it' are not enough. He was dieting and is at a perfect weight. We are trying to help him feel full, without gaining back the 2 lbs.
  • What are CEUs?
  • In the Q&A last Friday you demonstrated paw touches for nail filing. I am wondering if you could show or describe how you taught the rear legs. I just finished doing zen's nails and feet with a dremel and I do have a hard time positioning the rear. Also getting underneath the right rear foot for grooming. I do have her stand on a large size yoga block for round the fur on her feet etc.
  • How frequently should I be training my dog? I also have a cat and want to start training her. Is it the same for that?
  • Any recommendations for good treats for cats?
  • Bonus video tip: Nail Filing.

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