Horses and Dogs with Katie Grillaert – June 16

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Normally only members can see these recordings, but I'm making this one public because this is such a critical topic and could save someone's life. Thanks for watching and sharing! I know you are all busy. 😉

Special Guest: Katie Grillaert  from Fetch Dog Training and Behavior in Minneapolis and Rhythmos in Europe. Friend Katie in ABBA.  The fabulous Carly Loyer co-hosted with Grisha from Alaska.

Questions in this video:

  • I have a horse that will not load in my trailer. How can I get him to go in?
  • Do you have an examples of what Carly spoke of? Getting your dog to sit as part as sound desensitization. If I could see it, I would understand much better.
  • I moved my horse to a new boarding facility and she is cribbing more than she did before. Is there anything I can do? Do you know why this would happen?
  • What is cribbing?
  • What are the differences between training horses and dogs?
  • What differences have you noticed between dog culture in the US and in Italy?
  • My dog waits calmly in the car to jump out. When he is out, he gets a bit nervous and excited. He has hurry to the grass area to sniff and mark and some barking. And still is a bit nervous as we continue our walk. How to make him more relaxed when out of the car? I have done some scratching until he notices me and has checked the environment. Is there better ways?
  • How do you introduce dogs to horses?

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One thought on “Horses and Dogs with Katie Grillaert – June 16”

  1. Hi Grisha, would you be able to write the names of the equine trainers/behaviorists that Katie mentions in the comments? I tried google, but don’t think I’ve got the spelling right.

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