Is Taking Treats Hard a Sign of Stress? (and more questions)

In the Office Hours, I answer members' pet training and behavior questions in live sessions, which are recorded and shown here. Please log in or sign up for a Student or Pro membership to see the video.

Dog training and care questions in this video: 

  • Last time you talked a bit about gauging a dog's stress level by whether or not they would take treats. I feel like my dog will always take treats, no matter what. I feel that her stress indicator around food is that she starts to take treats faster and harder. Could I be misinterpreting this? Or is taking treats not as reliable an indicator in dogs who have shown high arousal around food?
  • My dog has become really sensitive to jingling collars because my of my neighbors dog. She has resorted to fence fighting (although she cannot see the other dog because we have a 6 foot tall vinyl fence and the other dog does not fight back). What is the best way to handle desensitizing the sound of the jingling collar and prevent her from fence fighting? Would you use real collars or sound?
  • It is great to hear your answers to all of the questions. Would you say that it is best to hold small dogs with their feet down / heads up?
  • I'm wondering on the thought of one dog correcting another, if one dog lunges and growls, is it okay for the dog it's growling at to growl back? That just happened to us. I'm halfway paranoid that incidents like that would be the "last straw" and turn Louis dog-reactive. Although, I wanted to growl, too, but that makes people stare.
  • I've gotten to a point my cat will take a kibble from my hand so I can start doing clicker training with her. but oh my I'm going to get a tooth through my thumb. It came to mind to try offering the kibble with tweezers to save my finger
  • How can we teach my dog to stop resource guarding me? In the course of attempting to address it traditionally (corrections) we actually increased his reactivity in general. Now that we're doing BAT things are already rapidly improving but I'd love to address the resource guarding if possible.
  • My dog does this thing when no one is in except for me. She stalks me in a room and won't rest. I feed her, take her out, talk to her etc but she won't rest. She walks around the room staring and me and submitting if I look at her. I suspect she's trying to manipulate me and take control but I sense she's trying to tell me something. It's weird. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Only started a month or so ago and she seems well otherwise
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