Free Pro Membership for Rescue and Shelters Worldwide

Get coupons for adoptersWe have a scholarship program for one free Pro Membership to every non-profit animal shelter and rescue organization.* There are no strings attached. It's normally $39.95 for a year, but continuous access is free for qualifying shelters and rescues. p.s. Thanks in advance for sharing this page! 🙂

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This is a great opportunity to educate adopters, volunteers, and staff.

  • One free Pro Membership per organization.
  • Any country! ABBA is international.
  • Requests for membership only allowed from an official representative of the organization.
  • Free membership offer limited to non-profit organizations that rehome animals.
  • As a Pro Member, your organization can request a discount code for 30-day free Student Memberships for adopters, volunteers, or staff.
  • Free rescue memberships automatically include a listing in the Find a Pet Rescue directory, our list of rescue organizations. You will be able to update directory information by logging in and updating the profile.
  • Note that these memberships are for institutional use, not for individual offering professional dog training to the public. Free rescue memberships do not include directory listings in the general "Find a Professional List" and CEUs are not reported.

There are TWO main steps. 1. Get a Free Sample account and 2. Apply for the upgrade.

To apply:

  1. Please check whether your rescue already has an account in our directory
  2. Sign up for our regular Free Sample account - choose a user ID that reflects your organization name, as it will be public - the email you register with will be kept privateBuilding Blocks Academy
  3. YOU WILL NOT YET HAVE THE FREE SHELTER SCHOLARSHIP -- the shelter scholarship is a real Pro membership, not just a sample. Please read on! 🙂
  4. Log in (with the credentials you created)
  5. REQUEST AN UPGRADE. To do so, come back to this page and you will see an upgrade request form below (note: the email does not direct you here, so you have to remember to come back!!!)
  6. When your request is approved, we will upgrade your membership to Pro status

* Includes government rescues/shelters as well as privately registered non-profit organizations

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