How Do I Avoid Fighting During On Leash Dog Greetings?

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Dog training and care questions in this video: 

  • I am hesitant to let my dog greet other dogs (both on leash) because I anticipating a wagging tail quickly followed with a snarl. I am doing the BAT 2.0 techniques with the leash skills and the farthest I am letting her go with it is to look at dog, followed by an appropriate behaviour and then moving away. I don't know how to interpret whether or not to go closer and often she wants to.
  • You said that you train a "A dog is coming," cue differently from " another cue that could mean for example "A person is coming", or a cue that means, 'Something in the environment is going to change.' Can you please explain how you have trained these to Peanut or Bean?
  • Thank you for sharing about Peanut's lymphoma on FB. Would you be comfortable explaining what his symptoms were and how you determined how you would treat it / what course to follow for treatment?
  • When on walks if Astra sees/hears something she's not sure about she'll look back at me. What should I be doing to best reassure her/show her it isnt anything to worry about? Camling signals, 'it's okay' cue, etc?
  • Could you explain the steps you would use to teach the dog to ask permission before they jump up on the bed, cough etc?
  • You spoke about not patting a dog' and saying, "It's okay," when a dog is in situation where he/she is not 'feeling okay'?
    What would be a good team approach to 'avoid' this at the DVM both for the DVM and the vet. nurse?
    What would be a good team approach to 'avoid' when the veterinarian or receptionist pats your dog on the head?
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