Main topic: Meeting My New Dog Azuki (with videos)

In the Office Hours, I answer members' pet training and behavior questions in live sessions, which are recorded and shown here. Please log in or sign up for a Student or Pro membership to see the video.

Dog training and care questions in this video: 

  • Congratulations on your new dog! What will you be focusing on with her first? Also, you mentioned that you wanted to have her be at a lower body weight. How will you work on this? Thank you
  • I'm moving from Seattle to South Korea this Friday where there are many stray dogs, cats, and many triggers for Oreo like bicycles approaching from behind. I will leave with family(on 3rd floor). Also, there will be many people and cars, coming and going since there is a hardware store on the 1st floor. What can I do to help her adjust to new environment and introduce my whole family to her?
  • Do you feel it is good for a dog's mental health to have another dog to live with? Would you have sought out another dog anyway if your sister wasn't looking to re-home hers?
  • I also talked about:
    • Meeting Zuki (with video of her first barky reaction and changes)
    • Introducing Bean and Zuki (with video and live commentary)

Links I referred to in this session (or could have):

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