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Philosophy: In a culture obsessed with dominance, more power may seem like the last thing you want to give your dog. But empowerment is actually an efficient, effective way to solve behavior problems. When you remove obstacles in the way of learning and give dogs a way to meet their needs, their 'misbehavior' disappears.

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Love your small dog?! Join me for some size-specific dog training and care tips at this online seminar. Attendees will also have access to the recording.

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Online Seminar: Small Dogs Rule! Training and Care for Small Dogs

October 4, 2016, 2:00pm - October 4, 2016, 4:00pm

WHY TAKE THIS SEMINAR BY GRISHA STEWART? Small dogs are awesome and amazing to live with. There are some specific challenges that people face when they care for small dogs, including bias from other ...

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Let Me Be Me (The BAT Song)

Dogs and people have an amazing power to heal and adapt to whatever life throws at them - when they are given the chance to feel safe and learn at their own pace.

What you can do to build trust and allow dogs/people to grow and change: create emotionally and physically safe, but interesting environments where we don't need to micromanage.

This will sound better as I learn how to play and also when I have the magical John Budnik Band behind me. But it's a start.

❤️❤️❤️ yourself and your dogs too!

More about BAT at http://GrishaStewart.com/bat2


Thank you for clearing the way for me
Now I just need you to let me be me


I'll get there when I get there
Wait for me, my friend
Give me space to face my fear
And learn to love again

I'll get there when I get there
Let me lead the way
The road you walk will work for you
But not for me today

I'll get there when I get there
I may I need your help
But now I'm fine, so let me try
To live my life myself

I'll get there when I get there
Take a break to breathe
Take the time to take it in
And leave the choice to leave

I'll get there when I get there
I'll follow my nose
Make your plans and throw them out
And try to feel the flow

I'll get there when I get there
The straight route's not for me
The way I walk will twist and turn
My feet need to be free

(c)2016 Grisha Stewart, all rights reserved
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