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Philosophy: In a culture obsessed with dominance, more power may seem like the last thing you want to give your dog. But empowerment is actually an efficient, effective way to solve behavior problems. When you remove obstacles in the way of learning and give dogs a way to meet their needs, their 'misbehavior' disappears.

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Xylitol sweetener is very toxic to dogs. Please always check the label for toxic ingredients before feeding something to your dog.

Any peanut butter you use for food puzzles should be just ground up peanuts, not sweetened with sugar OR sugar substitutes.
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Please read this! It's very important!

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Happy #nationaldogday! Here's a sleepy Bean. ❤️

Packing up today for my training tour of the West Coast. Hope to see a lot of friends there!

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Episodes 4-10 in my "I've Changed My Mind" series. 4-9 were already posted via YouTube but I am including them here in Facebook too.

"I've Changed My Mind" is a series of short videos on a variety of topics that I've changed my mind about over the years [not just today!]. Most are dog training related, but I also talk about some more personal topics.

You may totally agree with some of the videos and others may go against your most firmly held beliefs. I'm making videos about them specifically because these are topics to wrestle with, to ponder, and we won't all agree right now. I just hope we will be kind to one another as we disagree.

The non-dog things are personal and others are hot-button topics; I hope you'll forgive me for being a human. Please Like my page and/or subscribe on YouTube to get the latest videos: http://youtube.com/grishastewart1

ABBA members also always get early access to the series at http://grishastewart.com/mind
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