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  • Walker's Creek Rescue
    Business Name Walker's Creek Rescue
    Country GB
    Location Cambridgeshire
    Expertise Shelter / Rescue, Non-Profit
    Species Served Dogs, Cats, Horses
    Business Description Walker's Creek Rescue is a friendly, family run Organization. The rescue is based in Cambridgeshire, and has successfully re-homed many dogs since it was founded. A majority of the dogs that we rescue and re-home, are unwanted pets or abandoned strays. We also save and help the dogs on Death Row, facing euthanasia. The average length of stay at WCR (Walker's Creek Rescue) depends on the circumstances based around the individual. WCR have a non-destruction policy and never put an animal to sleep unless for physical or psychological health reasons. All animals are neutered (unless stated otherwise), micro-chipped, vaccinated, vet checked, flea treated and wormed. WCR receive no Government funding. We purely rely on the donations contributed towards the animals in our care.
  • Washington Animal Rescue League
  • West Coast Rottweiler Rescue
  • Wisconsin Humane Society
  • Wonky Pets Rescue

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