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How Can I Help You?

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abba logoThe Animal Building Blocks Academy has two membership levels, student and pro. Which one best describes you?

Student Level:

  • I need training help for my own dog’s barking, jumping, pulling, aggression, fear, etc.
  • I have adopted new dog and want to do things right this time
  • I have a puppy that needs socialization & training

Professional Level:

  • I train dogs (and their people) for a living
  • I work or volunteer at an animal rescue [note, we have free pro membership scholarships for shelters]
  • I am a pet professional (dog walker, veterinarian, groomer, etc.)
  • I would like to become a dog trainer
  • I want help with my own dog and dog training is my passion


Collaborative, Empowered Dog Training for Pros and Families – Online!