How to Become A Certificated BAT Instructor

The best way to prepare for the CBATI certification is to self-study through the online

Animal Building Blocks Academy.  Or, if possible, attend as an Auditor at one of the BAT Certification Courses.

When you are ready, you can then either apply online, or attend as a Full Participant at a Certification Course.

We take certification in BAT very seriously.  Working with dogs, and the humans who care for them, requires many skill sets as a dog trainer, especially when working with dogs who may overreact towards other dogs or people. CBATIs are highly skilled in antecedent arrangements, canine body language, BAT leash skills, and the fundamentals of desensitization and operant learning.

So whether you apply online or pursue certification in person at a course, each path requires passing a Theoretical Exam, Practical Skills Assessment, and other steps, which are explained at, the sanctioning organization for BAT Certification.

We take certification very seriously and the seriousness of our work is complemented by our enthusiasm and joy in seeing lives change through BAT.  Are you ready to join the BAT Journey?

Click here to start the CBATI application process.

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