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In the member videos, Grisha shows how to work with canine behavior issues and improve your dog's quality of life.

We have dog training lessons as well as videos on how to care for your dog and minimize stress.

We have the videos sorted into many different overlapping categories. Two important categories to check out are "Training Skills for People" and Cooperative Care.

When you watch each video, be sure to watch all the way through and click the link that shows up at the end so that it will appear in your Video History.

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Other Species: Cats, birds, horses, etc.

We talk about dogs a lot at the Animal Building Blocks Academy, but all species have a home here. Our training lessons apply to all animals, because they are based on the science of behavior analysis.

In the member videos, Grisha shows how to work with animal behavior issues and improve your pet's quality of life. When our example is a dog, you might need some creative thinking to apply it to a tiny rat or a giant horse, but it still works.

You may need to find the right kind of motivator and modify things slightly to match your animal. For example, cats prefer very short sessions with just a few treats, and tend to need to start with a quieter clicker. When training a fish, an audible clicker doesn't work, but a light works great.

When Grisha talks about puppy socialization, remember that all young animals need socialization. Avoidance behavior that you might consider just part of the species for birds, horses, and cats can be toned down or eliminated altogether with early socialization.

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