Spinner Care and Feeding

Thanks for stewarding a Spinner. Here’s how to nourish your spinner so others can enjoy it.

Protecting Your Spinner

1. Clear Marbles Can Start Fires: Don’t store with a clear marble in sunlight

You’re welcome to use a Spinner in sunlight, but keep it out of the sun for storage if you have a clear marble on it. We learned this the hard way and have several Spinners with burn marks on them!

A clear marble in sunlight becomes a magnifier that will burn the wood and can even start a fire!

2. Use a Travel Case: Prevent Scuffs and Scratches

Spinners are finished with a protective covering that is food-safe, but that doesn’t prevent scratches and dents entirely. Please avoid dropping the Spinner and be mindful to keep Spinners away from scratchy surfaces. It’s especially likely they might get dinged up during travel. If your Spinner came with a case, please keep it in that case (or upgrade to something even more protective and still portable).

3. Supervise Children

Marbles are also choking hazards for young children.

We love that children (of all ages) enjoy playing with Spinners, and they may need supervision to keep from scratching or harming the Spinner. A Spinner is fine art made by hand, not a child’s toy. It takes anywhere between 8 and 30 hours to make a Spinner. Thanks for being careful with it!

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