Course Overview (Syllabus)

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Read through the lessons at your own pace. Every 2-4 lessons, we will pause to give you some tasks to practice. I recommend that you read the Ahimsa Dog Training Manual with this course.

This sample agenda is listed with weekly lessons, but you can take whatever time you need:

Week 1: Philosophy

  • The perfect dog
  • Philosophy of Empowerment
  • 2-way Communication with your dog, including body language
  • Training: Autowatch
  • Training: Take treats gently
  • Training: potty outside

Week 2: Social Skills

  • People
  • Dogs
  • Other species
  • Play, conflict resolution, and social consequences
  • BAT leash skills
  • Training: Touch (nose to hand)
  • Training: Name

Week 3: Needs

  • What does your puppy need?
  • How do you know?
  • How needs lead to problems
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Food puzzles
  • Training: Targeting a Post-It or yoghurt lid
  • Training: Crate

Week 4: Cooperative Care

  • What cooperation looks like and how to get it
  • Grooming (nail file, brush)
  • Vet Care (syringe, inspection, wrap)
  • Going for a walk
  • Training: Head through harness
  • Training: Restraint
  • Training: Shake (paw)

Week 5: The Environment

  • Surfaces
  • Sounds
  • Moving objects
  • Balance & proprioception
  • Parallel play
  • Training: Stay / stop
  • Training: Targeting head into objects (For example, Elizabethan collar or cone, muzzle, cereal box)

Week 6: Problem Solving Skills

  • Reminder of where problems come from
  • Which skills help with which problems
  • Another dose of philosophy
  • Training: Bring/drop
  • Training: Food bowl
  • Training: Recall