What’s Next?

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Please keep working with your dog on all of the activities you learned in the course. You can keep working and check back here any time.

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I hope you found the information in this course useful. Puppy raising is a hard job! Remember to set your puppy up for success and focus more on socialization and cooperative care than on showy tricks, and you’ll do fine.

Keep filming your training sessions so that you can look back to see how far you have come.

The BAT 2.0 Feature Films might be helpful to you. Here are the topics. The first three are useful for all dogs and the last three are most useful for dogs who have or who are developing reactivity. That is quite common for adolescent dogs.

  • Talk with Me (2-way Communication)
  • Walk with Me
  • Problem Prevention
  • Survival Skills
  • BAT 2.0 Set-Ups
  • BAT for Geeks

Other courses: 

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