(4.1) Being Present

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  • Taking in the Good [take a sensory picture]
  • Mindfulness exercises, including feeling emotion in your body
  • Wholehearted living and badassery

This section has a lot of really powerful information in it. Please make sure to read it carefully and practice the techniques! I promise it will make a difference.

Taking in the Good is a practice taught by neuroscientist Rick Hanson to rewire our brains to fill the gaping holes in our heart. By noting and deliberately remembering “antidote experiences” to our worst fears, we can steer toward those good things and thrive rather than having our worries in the driver’s seat.

Mountains of scientific evidence point to the conclusion that mindfulness helps our wellbeing. I even learned recently that mindfulness practices can actually lengthen telomeres in our cells, which literally means that things like meditation and breathing exercises can keep our DNA from unraveling. Wow.

The final section covers some of Brené Brown’s research on wholehearted living. I love her work because it’s really about strengthening the connection to ourselves and to others. Brown coined the term badassery to mean showing up for life, being vulnerable, accepting challenges and learning from them to create an authentic, powerful experience as a human being.

Taking a sensory picture will help you better emotionally remember the highlights of your life.