(4.5) Pause to Practice

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  1. Take in the Good. Today you will have a moment that is at least okay, or even wonderful. Maybe it is happening right now. Take a minute to savor the experience–take in all of the sensory experience and deliberately remember it. Use the steps in the reading.
  2. What are your ‘heart holes’ – your main go-to ways that you feel less than perfect? For example, mine are “I don’t belong” and “I’m not enough.” Look for antidote experiences, the experiences that counteract that feeling, that disprove your negative self-talk and Take in the Good for them. Share some of your Take In the Good moments in the group, if you are willing.
  3. Try each of the mindfulness exercises (say one or two per day) and find your top 1-3 favorites, to do on a regular basis. What could remind you to do those exercises? Planting your own environmental reminders, like whenever you see a Stop sign, when you go to the bathroom, when you get or out of in your car, while you wait for your food to heat or cook, while you wait for files to load, or when you get off of work for the day, for example. An alarm on your phone is another option, but I find it more durable to have something steady in the environment to trigger me.
  4. Notice experiences of shame (Rumble), and any time you deliberately use shame on someone else. Reflect on your emotions using the Reckoning. Write it out, get those words on the paper. Then look at the parts of what you wrote that might be trying to shame yourself or someone else. Accept the parts that are true, behaviors that happened that you might do differently next time. Don’t accept the critic that’s shaming you. Then rewrite it with courage.  Feel free to post in the Facebook group to try to work through this together.