More Advanced BAT: Peanut Up Close

This video is from the second part of a set-up for Peanut, who barks at other dogs from a distance and will growl if the interaction becomes to much for him. See the BAT Playlist on YouTube for more videos of Peanut and other dogs. For information on BAT, click here.

Notice that the BAT set-up is very fluid and directed by Peanut, with me just helping to keep him at a distance that he is fine. The whole set-up was about 3 minutes and the video clip is about 2 minutes because I cut out the short breaks. During the parts that are cut out, Peanut is sniffing the ground, getting petted by the camera person, etc. When he’s ready to return to check out the greyhound, we start up again. BAT can also be used for puppy socialization in this way.

Please work with a CBATI (Certified BAT Instructor) to get help for your dog. This video is to help you understand some of the nuances of BAT, but to really fix your dog’s issues, you should get help (in person) from a force-free professional dog trainer or behaviorist. If that is not possible, at least read the BAT book and/or watch a DVD, like “Organic Socialization” and join the Facebook or Yahoo discussion groups about BAT.

If your dog has any risk of biting, please use a fence between the dogs or get your dog comfortable wearing a muzzle.